What do we do

Green Dino develops driving simulators for various types of vehicles such as scooter, cars, trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles. All simulators use the simulation software developed by Green Dino. A key characteristic of our driving simulators is the automatic instruction and grading based on driving procedures. The online student following system provides immediate insight into the relative learning speed and general driving style of the student. The Green Dino learning method is validated and improves the passing chances and lowers the accident involvement of students. User friendliness is at the forefront of the development of hardware and software.

Green Dino develops virtual labs on commission. Virtual labs are made with 3D Simulation technology and automatic registration techniques. Virtual labs provide insight into 3D space, a 3D object, or a process that takes place in 3D space. Examples are traffic simulations, 3D simulations of buildings and landscapes, and shop simulations. Online virtual labs are suitable for conducting usability tests with large numbers of people for low prices.

Green Dino develops Virtual Reality products such as serious games and attractions on commission.