Autonomous vehicles

The Netherlands Driver Test Agency (CBR), the Vehicle Agency (RDW), the Road Agency (RWS) and Green Dino work together for objectifying the driving test for certification of self-driving vehicles.

According to Rene Claesen, research and development manager, Green Dino provides state-of-the-art products and services using driving simulators, artificial intelligence and big data. According to him, these products and services have been thoroughly scientifically researched and reliably and validly assessed by various PhD researchers. This was an important reason for CBR to ask Green Dino to help objectify the driving test and to develop a driving test for self-driving vehicles. The software and big data from Green Dino   are based on the Driving Procedure B. The Driving Procedure B provides guidance for the training and testing of drivers of vehicles in the Netherlands.

Scientific PhD research has shown that the learning methodology of Green Dino, Mental Transition, results in higher chances of success during the driving test than the national average and a lower accident involvement after obtaining the driving license than the national average. According to Claesen, this unique achievement testifies to a thorough knowledge of driving procedures and human behavior, and in particular cognitive psychology. For CBR, important weighting factors when choosing Green Dino as a technical partner.