Game technology and 3D simulation techniques are applied to our driving simulators, but are also used in serious games and attractions. BRN Trainer, Scooter Elite and ANWB streetwise are examples of this.

CBRN trainer

This role-play can show how various emergency service can/learn how to cooperate with various communication protocols. You can set up the training environment yourself with the editor. Train within your own field in various scenarios.

Scooter Elite

A scooter simulation was developed for Team Alert to inform young people (ages 16 to 20) about their driving style in a game. What are the driving skills and how is safety with regards to other road users?

ANWB Streetwise

In 2015, a bus was turned into a super cool traffic education mobile for high school students in their first and second years, in collaboration with client ANWB.
Green Dino designed both the hardware and software for the bus. Software in the shape of a network, the design, contents, and execution of the 5 workshops.

We are proud of the acknowledgement from the FIA for the most innovative traffic safety initiative of 2016.