At the request of district OOST6 BOGO has developed a training program in the context of becoming competent. The driving simulator is an important part of the training program and forms the bridge between theory and practice. Together with Green Dino, BOGO has developed scenarios for becoming competent. The simulator exercises are performed before the driver can drive on the road with priority.

The occasion for BOGO to use the driving simulator of Green Dino in the training of fire brigade drivers was a large-scale study by the Institute of Physical Safety (IFV). In this study 4 Green Dino simulators were used to determine how drivers apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. One of the striking results is that drivers who were involved on the road in an accident better adhere to the traffic rules and cause fewer accidents on the driving simulator. Experiencing accidents yourself has an important learning value. Other studies also show this. The scenarios from the IFV research therefore form the basis for the course for new firetruck drivers.

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