Driving School Innovation Award 2017


With the Hazard Recognition Training, Green Dino won the Driving School Innovation Award 2017

The Driving School Innovation Award is an initiative of trade magazine DivingSchoolPro to draw attention to the importance of innovation and quality in the industry. The jury consisted of the chairmen of the three driving school associations; Frank Hoornenborg of Bovag, Ruud Rutten of FAM and Peter van Neck of VRB. They choose three nominees from the submissions. Subscribers to DivingSchoolPro were then able to vote.


"I particularly like that the DivingSchoolPro subscribers have chosen the winner, that is not just any audience," says Jorrit Kuipers, director of Green Dino. The Hazard Recognition Training of Green Dino is taken in a driving simulator. In this way young drivers can experience accidents in different traffic situations.

"This allows us to let a student experience how vulnerable he or she is in traffic," Kuipers explains. “As a driving instructor you can put a student in a difficult situation without having to intervene. Experiencing an accident has more impact.” Moreover, this training is not intended for drivers with driving anxiety, says Kuipers. “It would only make them more anxious. This is, for example, suitable for young people who are too confident behind the wheel. "


"We introduced the simulator in 2003, so we have now been able to measure the effect on road safety." And that effect is positive. Research from TU Delft among 23,000 former students shows that this training has reduced the accident involvement in the first 12 months after obtaining the driver's license by 64 percent. In addition, the success rate of the students who have completed this training is 34 percent higher than the national average. Kuipers: "And now we also have acknowledgement from the driving school industry."

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