Since this week, the Connexxion Academy has its own bus   simulator, thanks to a collaboration with supplier Green Dino BV and the CCV. The driving simulator can be programmed with all kinds of scenarios and traffic situations. Different driving tests that now take place with a real vehicle on public roads can now be carried out in the driving simulator. The driving simulator complies with the European Professional Competence Directive (code 95) and can therefore be deployed on practical parts of The New Driving and driving optimization.

Adrie Schalkwijk, Learning & Development manager at the Connexxion Academy, is happy with the new driving simulator: "The simulator has several advantages. For example, we are now allowed to let four drivers (instead of two) participate in a practical day under code 95. Thanks to the possibility of programming recurring scenarios, they can also practice difficult traffic situations more often. The use of the driving simulator is also more sustainable: we need to use fewer diesel vehicles. This saves a lot of CO2 emissions. "

Damage reduction

The next step is an investigation into damage reduction. Connexxion Academy and Green Dino, together with CCV (Dutch Driver Test Agency), are starting a five-year effect study to measure whether less damage is being driven on the road by the driving simulator training.

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