The Center for Human Drug Research, CHDR, has been using driving simulators from Green Dino for drug studies since 2014. Due to the growth of studies into the effects of medicines on driving ability, CHDR has purchased 4 new simulators from Green Dino.

The effects of medication use on driving skills are clinically tested by the CHDR. In 2014 CHDR was the first to carry out a validation study to determine whether the simulator is a suitable alternative for driving on the road in a real car. The study was conducted by injecting alcohol in subjects. The results were positive and showed, among other things, that the legal standard in the Netherlands of 0.5g / L alcohol is a good limit. With a higher percentage, driving ability demonstrably decreases. The safety score developed by Green Dino proved to be a reliable indicator for the reduction of driving skills. This validation again shows that our driving simulator is suitable for (scientific) research. Click here for the information brochure of CHDR.

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